September 2015 minutes

MINUTES of a meeting of CARHARRACK PARISH COUNCIL held at the Mills Hall, Carharrack, on Monday,

21st September, 2015.



Present:  Councillors

Mrs. B. Williams, (Chairman)

Miss V. Aldridge

Mrs. V. Chown

Mrs. J. Constable

Mrs. J. Gardiner

G. Garbett

C. Martin

Clerk:      T. Reynolds

Apologies received from:


Also present:

Cornwall Councillor M.A. Kaczmarek;  Police Constable  M. Pearce, Police Community Support

Officer  P. Ferris;     S. Parish, R. Evatt


Stop waiting, join the game now with online casino echtgeld mit startguthaben continuous luck and many victories await you! Mr. Evatt commented that the yellow bin at the Recreation Ground is not being emptied on a regular basis.  The Chairman indicated that ICE had requested regular emptying.  Mr. Evatt also referred to a man who has been seen placing green waste in this and other people’s bins in the village.

Sue Parish reported on the ongoing problem of non residents of Higher Park Stenak parking vehicles there with confrontations involving residents of Railway Terrace taking place.  Cormac Solutions had erected a sign stating that one area was for vehicle turning only but this had short term only success.  PC Mark Pearce and PCSO Paul Ferris reported that they had visited Park Stenak one evening but had not found parking that was illegal.  PCSO Ferris had given “words of advice” to one lady regarding parking but unless an obstruction is being caused, there is little the police can do to overcome the problem.

Sue Parish also reported a recent incident of a man calling at her door, and seeing another calling at a neighbouring property, apparently collecting for cerebral palsy research.  A form of identification had been shown but this looked suspicious.  She had attempted to report the situation to the police using the 101 system but this had proved to involve a long time waiting on the telephone and no final connection.  The police officers present at this meeting acknowledged that the 101 telephone reporting system is an embarrassment to them but confirmed that the 999 system must only be used in emergencies.

Giving the Carharrack Parish Police Report for September, PC Pearce confirmed that he and PCSO Ferris are the only two officers now covering the Redruth South, Carharrack, Lanner and St. Day areas  and he spends far too much time at his desk rather that out on the beat.  .He identified the sign erected by this Council in an attempt to stop unauthorised vehicle access to Carn Marth being stolen; a Community Impact Assessment regarding a murder enquiry involving a Carharrack resident and persons selling items from the back of vans as being issues attended to recently.   Mr. Evatt indicated that Carharrack Neighbourhood Watch would be interested in receiving notifications such as the third item and PCSO Ferris offered to provide the link to Community Messaging to allow this to happen.

When Cornwall Councillor Mark Kaczmarek asked the police officers about the children of Travellers based at Wheal Jewell travelling in vans without wearing seat belts, PC Pearce responded that he was aware of this offence and had visited Wheal Jewell to give the appropriate warnings.

Giving his own Cornwall Councillor Report, C.C. Kaczmarek indicated:



Cllr. Mrs. Williams declared an interest in matters involving I.C.E. and Cllr. Mrs. Chown on matters involving Carharrack Association Football Club.

C.C. Kaczmarek left the meeting at this point, 8.20 p.m.




It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 20th July are a true and accurate record of proceedings and they were duly signed by the Chairman.  Additional copies were made available for display at Carharrack Stars, Carharrack Club and the Mills Hall.



Public Clinic – The vehicle parking problem at Park Stenak had been covered in both Public Clinic at this meeting and in the Cornwall Councillor report.



492   Carharrack Animal Feeds Store, Church Street – Erection of 2 dwellings including access

Councillors raise no objections to the construction of two dwellings at this site rather than the four previously approved and limiting access to one opening in the high walling.  It is considered that stone walling similar to the existing walling be used to block up the northern access and that the current parking of vehicles by staff on the grass verge situated between the walling and the B3298 highway and permitted by this Council,  be discontinued following the closure of the business at this site and the verge reinstated.


488   Mrs. J. Hudson, Sunrise Cottage, Higher Trevethan – Extension to cottage and construction of new
         garden studio

489   Mr. S. Rapson, Rock House, Railway Terrace – Erection of a dwelling and domestic garage and

formation of access following expiration of previous planning consent PA06/01896/RM  granted 5th

January, 2007

                                    CONDITIONAL APPROVAL  


491    Mr. & Mrs. S. Cooper, Myloria, Carnmarth Cove – Erection of dwelling and double garage



Paperless Planning Applications – Disagreements continue to be made to Cornwall Council by Parish Councils

opposed to the introduction of this system.  Cornwall Council has indicated that there will be a sum of £700

will be paid to each Parish and Town Councils to purchase the equipment needed for this move. Training

workshops have been arranged to provide a technical overview of the equipment required and to walk through

of the website and downloading of documents.  The closest for this Council will be at Chacewater Village Hall

on 29th October from 6.00 p.m. until 8.00 p.m.   It was RESOLVED that this Council remains strongly opposed

to the introduction of paperless planning applications but that the Clerk would attend the session.

Notification of Planning Conferences for Local Councils had been received, the nearest being at Heartlands,

Pool, on Thursday 15th October from 4.00 p.m. until 8.00 p.m.    RESOLVED that the Clerk would attend, a

charge of £10 being required by Cornwall Council.

Cllr Mrs. Constable left the meeting at this point, 8.35p.m.




The fallen tree on Footpath 14, notified by Chris Cottell at the July meeting, had subsequently been sawn into short lengths by the Clerk and together with a substantial amount of the ivy that had caused the tree to fall, had been left well away from the path for collection by Cormac Solutions.  They had, however, opted to leave the wood for locals to help themselves rather than incur the cost of collection.

Carn Marth Trust

Cllr. Garbett reported a successful show at the Carn Marth Theatre recently and that he is due to attend the next meeting of CMT.  The Clerk detailed the installation of the sign indicating that there is no right of way for vehicles to use Bridleway 2, off Sunrise Hill, for access to Carn Marth.  A 5 foot post had been embedded in the granite ground at a suitable point and granite stones been used to anchor it firmly.  The sign itself had been bolted with double nuts to the post.  PCSO Ferris had been notified of the placement of the sign and had viewed it himself shortly after installation.   Within a week, however, the sign had been uprooted and could not be found in separate searches in the area by Cllr. Garbett and the Clerk.  The theft had been notified to PCSO Ferris by answer phone but attempts by the Clerk to use the 101 crime reporting system failed after waits of 20, 18 and 15 minutes on separate occasions.  The Clerk is due to meet Chris Bosworth, Chairman of CMT, to discuss another attempt to install a sign.

Highway Matters

It was noted that both the cutting of the Allotments hedge in Sparry Lane and the cutting back of grass growing over the surface of the tarmac path running beside the B3298 from opposite Carharrack Animal Feeds towards Ting Tang had been carried out by Cormac Solutions following a request from the Clerk.  Cllr. Martin had advised the Clerk that the Sparry Lane ditch had also been trimmed but the cuttings had been left in the ditch which, following heavy rainfall could cause local flooding.  This had been reported back to Ben Dickinson of Cormac Solutions who had promptly arranged for the cuttings to be removed from the ditch.

It was noted that with the resurfacing of United Road having been completed, there will have to be white lining repainted at the junction with Fore Street and although a stop sign will not be introduced, it was hoped that  the new  give way markings should go some way towards making this a safer road junction.

Ben Dickinson had also indicated that if and when funds are available, he would arrange for yellow road marking to be placed near the Celtic Cross in the centre of the village where there are ongoing problems of buses travelling past Higher Railway Terrace then having to attempt to turn down Higher Albion Row past the cross but with vehicles parked beside the road, have great difficulty in doing so.  CC Kaczmarek had witnessed the shunting of buses at this junction and is in favour of lines being introduced.

An e-mail had been received from The Milestone Society indicating that they had located an ancient milestone in heavy brambles on the B3298 near Ting Tang.   This had been cleared, the stone cleaned and painted white and subsequently the inscriptions ‘Scorrier Station 2 ½’ on one side and ‘Penryn 6’ on the other painted in black.  It had been requested that this Parish Council undertakes the ongoing annual cleaning of this milestone.  The Clerk volunteered to do this when undertaking the strimming of the grass verge nearby.

Litter Picking

It was noted that in addition to litter picking in the village, weeds growing near the top bus shelter had been cleared by David Hall.

Recreation Ground

The Chairman reported that two dead trees had been attended to by Cornwall Council.

Carharrack News Quarterly Magazine

The Autumn edition of Carharrack News had been distributed by Councillors.  The Chairman commented that articles on the Parish Council, one giving the names of the 47 people who have served as a Councillor and the other being the minutes of the first meeting of the Parish Council following its inauguration on 28th May, 1985,  had been appreciated by readers..  It was thought that the picture on the front cover of each magazine should reflect life in Carharrack but unless the editor, who lives at Illogan Downs, is provided with such photographs, the situation is unlikely to change.   Cllr. Garbett undertook to find points of interest in the parish and photograph them.

Phone box

It was noted that although most of the vandalised panes of glass have been replaced by a plastic version, there are a few at the bottom of the box that have yet to be attended to.

Post Box

It was noted that the repaired box has yet to be repainted but the September draft minutes for St. Day PC indicated that their box at Tolgullow should be repainted by mid October and so this may well apply to Carharrack’s box.



Cllr. Martin reported that there had been confusion regarding the holding of the latest Liaison Group meeting and he had turned up for one that had been cancelled.  An apology had subsequently been received from Mike Dobson, Communications Officer with SITA.  The Chairman indicated that she had requested a site visit for representatives of this parish prior to the holding of the next meeting.



Nothing further to record.

Cllr. Mrs. Chown left the meeting at this point, 9.15 p.m.



Cllr. Mrs. Gardiner thanked the Clerk for responding to a request she had forwarded to him after hearing from a resident of Sparry Lane  that brambles were invading her garden from the Allotments.  The brambles had been severely cut back and are no longer a problem but apparently the resident is looking for more bramble cutting within the Allotments site.

Cllr. Miss Aldridge, a plot holder herself, indicated that the mower in the bottom shed is not starting – the Clerk to follow-up. She also indicated that with Plot 35 being given up by the current holder, she would like to take over this plot.  This was agreed.

It was also agreed that a vacant plot could be allocated to the grandchildren of multi-plot holder Geoffrey Heather.

Another multi plot holder, Alec Dale, had requested use of another plot so that one of his existing plots could be given a rest year.  The plot would be given up after one season and become available, in good condition, to a new plot holder.  RESOLVED to approve this request with the Clerk taking one plot away from a holder who had not attended to her plot this season.

It was RESOLVED that the Annual Meeting of plot holders will be held on Saturday morning 17th October subject to the Mills Hall being available.  If not, the meeting to take place on 10th October.

At that gathering, the winner of the Annual Allotments Competition would be announced as Charlotte Marno, who also won last season, for her two plots with commendations to Geoffrey Heather and Leticia Heather for their plots.

It was RESOLVED to increase plot fees from 1st October, 2015.  Small plots to rise from £10 to £12; medium plots from £15 to £18 and large plots from £25 to £30.

The Chairman and Cllr. Miss Aldridge to give further consideration to the production of replacement numbers for plots.

The Clerk reported on his attendance at the South West Allotments Officers’ Forum at Plymouth on 13th August.  Some 19 Town, City, Parish and Borough Councils, plus a couple of Allotments Associations, were represented and many good points exchanged.    As a result, the Clerk had redrafted the current Agreement for Letting document used by this Council.  This was discussed and it was RESOLVED to approve the revised version which will need to be signed by all plot holders from the forthcoming season.

Cllr. Miss Aldridge requested that some shelving be introduced in the toilet block so that paper products could be stored off floor level and avoid becoming damp.  This was agreed – the Clerk to obtain and install.


  1. Pound Footpath.  Nothing to record.
    1. Pound Field and building.  It was considered that a further clearing session should be held at the Pound Field and this

should take place on Sunday morning, 25th October.  Cllr. Garbett to arrange for the Cornwall Council trailer, containing

cutting tools, to be present, as on past occasions.

  1. Mining Villages Regeneration.  Cllr. Martin gave a summary of the MVR Group meeting he had attended at Frogpool on 10th September.
  2. Iron Footbridge.  Repair works have yet to commence.
  3. Park Stenak.  The Clerk, when distributing the agenda for this meeting, had requested Councillors to visit the Park Stenak triangle of land maintained by this Council to observe, in particular, a door that had been installed in the wooden fencing at the bottom of a property in Railway Terrace directly on to this Council’s land.  It was RESOLVED that this was unacceptable and that the Clerk writes appropriately to the occupiers of the property involved.
  4. Bus Shelters. It was noted that weeds growing again in the guttering of the lower shelter – the Clerk to action.  It was also reported that a pane of glass has been vandalised in the lower shelter but the safety glass is firmly holding together and so no immediate action is necessary.  Other panes of glass, however, have been smeared with an unknown substance and so the Clerk will bring this to the attention of David Hall, who cleans the shelters on behalf of this Council.
  5. Mills Hall. Nothing to record.

8     Museum.  Nothing to record.

9.    Village Trail Leaflets.  Nothing to record.


1.   C.C. – Criminal Records Checks      For circulation

2.   NHS – Peninsula News      For circulation

3.   Police & Crime Commissioner – Fair Funding for Devon & Cornwall Police              For circulation

4.   Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service – Service Plan 2016/19 Consultation        For circulation

5.   Clerks & Councils Direct – magazine                   For circulation

6.   Cornwall Expo 2015 – Exhibition/Conference at Newquay Airport 29th/30th September     For circulation

7.   St. Day P.C. – Draft minutes for September meeting          For circulation



It was noted that Cllr. Martin had carried out an Internal Audit for the quarter ending 30th June, 2015, and all had been found to be correct.


Cheques were signed for:

£     10.00       Cornwall Council       Attendance fee for Planning Conference

£1283.72        Clerk                           Salary and reimbursements Jul/Aug/Sept  –  details circulated

£  262.50        H.M.R.C.           .        Clerk’s P.A.Y.E.



Monday, 19th October


The meeting closed at 10.25 p.m.