October 2015 minutes

MINUTES of a meeting of CARHARRACK PARISH COUNCIL held at the Mills Hall, Carharrack, on Monday,

19th October, 2015.



Present:  Councillors

Mrs. B. Williams, (Chairman)

Miss V. Aldridge

Mrs. V. Chown

Mrs. J. Constable

G. Garbett

Mrs. J. Gardiner

C. Martin

Clerk:      T. Reynolds

Apologies received from:



Also present:

Cornwall Councillor M.A. Kaczmarek;  R. Dyer, R. Evatt


Stop waiting, join the game now with slot casino echtgeld continuous luck and many victories await you! Mr. Dyer reported that a fir tree is blocking the footpath at Croft Row and has rubbish under it.  He will gladly cut back the tree and remove the rubbish.  He was thanked for this offer.

Mr. Evatt opened by thanking Cornwall Councillor Kaczmarek for arranging for the yellow waste bin in the Recreation Ground to be emptied on a regular basis.  He considered that bamboo canes growing in the Recreation Ground and encroaching the footpath in the East corner could be toxic and thus a danger to children.  He noted that although highway resurfacing at the junction of Fore Street with United Road had been completed some time ago, the remarking of the white lines has yet to take place and asked why.  C.C. Kaczmarek was unable to throw light on the situation.  Mr. Evatt concluded by saying that the vehicle parking by residents of Railway Terrace at Higher Park Stenak is continuing to cause a stressful situation but acknowledged that there is no easy answer to the problem.

Cornwall Councillor Mark Kaczmarek reported:

The Clerk gave a web site police report for August indicating crimes under the heading of Criminal Damage & Arson at Church Street and Wheal Damsel Road , both shown as ‘awaiting court outcome’; under  Violence & Sexual Offences at Menakarne, shown as ‘under investigation’, and under Anti Social Behaviour at Park Stenak and the Recreation Ground.



Cllr. Mrs. Williams declared an interest in matters involving I.C.E. and the Carharrack PC website and Cllr. Mrs Chown in matters involving Carharrack A.F.C.



It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 21st September are a true and accurate record of proceedings and they were duly signed by the Chairman.  Additional copies were made available for display at Carharrack Stars, Carharrack Club and the Mills Hall.







493        Mr. K. Sigrist, Land rear of Poplar Cottage, Sparry Bottom – Erection of dwelling including associated access

road and parking.  Redesign of previously approved scheme PA12/10019    Parish Council ref: 457

Councillors opposed the original application on the grounds of the totally unsuitable access lane leading to the site of the, then, proposed 4/5 bedroom dwelling and garages and requested that the application be determined by the Planning Committee.  This took place and the application was approved.
Since the revised development is for a much smaller, bungalow, development, Councillors retain concerns regarding the access lane but raise no objections to the redesign.
494       Mrs. M. Bennetts, Grove Vista, Trevarth Road – Outline application with some matters (Appearance,
             Landscaping, Layout and Scale) reserved for the formation of a dwelling – infill plot

                           Councillors had no objections to the similar application by Mrs. Bennetts in October, 2013, for outline

                           planning permission for this site, raising the only concern that full consideration be given to designing

                           a suitable access point.  The Senior Development Officer wished to recommend the application for

                           refusal and this Council requested that it be determined by the Planning Committee.  This took place

                           and the application was refused.

                           Councillors retain the opinion that the proposed site would be sensible infill on non-agricultural land

                           within reasonable walking distance of facilities in Carharrack and would provide much needed

                           additional housing stock.  The matter of a safe access to the site is still a matter to receive attention and it

                           is noted that vehicle parking for the existing Grove Vista is included in the application.  The application

                           is therefore supported.

                           Cornwall Councillor Mark Kaczmarek retains his support for the application. 


495      Miss A. Thomas, Rose Cottage, Ting Tang – Proposed demolition of an existing single storey side extension

and formation of a new two storey side extension including Juliet balcony

                           Councillors raise no objections to this application.





The Clerk reported on the ongoing situation regarding paperless planning applications and his strong objections

despite it appearing to be a fait accompli by the Planning Department.  An insight into the technical aspects of

downloading plans from Cornwall Council’s online register is to be explained at a number of workshops

arranged throughout Cornwall and the Clerk is to attend one of these.



The Clerk reported that the usual second invoice for footpath cutting this season had not been received from our contractor, Mark Herman, but probably would in a day or so,  RESOLVED to sign a cheque at this meeting so that payment could be made on receipt of that invoice.  The Clerk had checked a large number of paths and these had been well cut.

Cllr. Martin reported that the grid outside the South West Water compound on Footpath 13 is still completely blocked.  The Clerk indicated that he had mentioned this to Gavin Henderson of Cormac Solutions and had been assured that this job and other improvements on Footpath 13 are on his schedule for early attention.

Cllr. Mrs. Constable left the meeting at this point, 8.20 p.m.

Carn Marth Trust

Cllr. Garbett reported on a recent CMT meeting he had attended.  Shows in the open air theatre had been successful and there would be a Ceiligh in the Mills Hall on 24th October.  The provision of toilets at the theatre is still under debate.  Poaching nets had been found in the pond and removed.   He is to attend the AGM on Thursday, 22nd October.

The Clerk updated Councillors on the situation regarding a second attempt to place signing at the entrance to  Bridleway 2, which leads up to Carn Marth, indicating that there is no public right of way for vehicles.  A replacement sign had been ordered together with one on behalf of CMT.  The Clerk to erect the Parish Council sign and CMT members to install theirs on an unused metal post in their possession which is to be concreted into position.

C.C. Kaczmarek left the meeting at this point, 8.30 p.m.

Highway Matters

It was noted that white lining has yet to be installed by Cormac Solutions at the resurfaced junction of Fore Street and United Road.  It was also noted that highway patching has taken place at Squire Lane.  The Clerk reported that St. Day Parish Council has been following-up the need for Cormac Solutions to carry out repairs on the Pound Cross to Vogue road where flooding occurs following heavy rainfall and the highway surface is badly breaking up.

The Milestone Society had written to thank the Clerk for volunteering to give the recently refurbished milestone at Ting Tang a yearly cleaning.

Litter Picking

Nothing to record.





Recreation Ground

The Clerk confirmed the situation he had been made aware of by CC Kaczmarek in which the felling of a dead tree in the Recreation Ground by Cornwall Council had not been carried out to a satisfactory standard and damage to chain link fence between the playing field and a neighbouring property had occurred.  Having been notified of this by the neighbour, CC Kaczmarek had asked Colin Hawke, Principal Forestry Officer who had sanctioned the tree felling, to send out a member of his team to inspect the situation.

Carharrack News Quarterly Magazine

The Chairman reminded Councillors that the copy date for the next edition of Carharrack News is 10th November.  It was RESOLVED to settle the invoice for £350 received from Willco Web Design for the hosting/maintenance of the Parish Council website for a further twelve months.  Cllr. Mrs. Williams took no part in reaching this resolution.

Post Box

It was noted that the repaired post box outside St. Piran’s Church has yet to be repainted by Royal Mail.



It was noted that the next meeting of the United Mines Liaison Group has been arranged for Tuesday, 10th November commencing at 3.30 p,m. with a site walk-about.



Nothing to record.



It was noted that the Annual Meeting of plot holders had taken place on Saturday morning, 10th October with some 23 plot holders attending.  Problems raised included the tap by the top wall of the site is spraying water – the Clerk had subsequently repaired this; the mower in the lower shed not starting despite a plot holder having purchased a replacement part – the Clerk had subsequently serviced the machine and it is now working fine; some form of lighting is required in the toilet block – the Clerk is currently seeking guidance on what might be installed; dogs are getting into the site and leaving mess – it was RESOLVED that there is very little that can be done by this Council to eliminate this; some plot holders have crops overlapping the paths between plots –  the Clerk to bring this to the attention of those concerned. Cllr. Miss Aldridge reported that she is working on the provision of replacement numbered markers to be placed on each plot.  This Council’s disappointment at the inconsiderate loading by plot holders of the skip provided  for the disposal of waste material from plots in order to bring a tidier appearance to the Allotments and subsequently requiring the provision of a second skip was made known to plot holders.

An invoice for £235.45 had been received from South West Water for provision between 17th July and 9th October and it was RESOLVED to settle this account.


  1. Pound Footpath.  Nothing to record.
    1. Pound Field and building.  Cllr. Garbett reminded Councillors of the next Working Party session to take place on Sunday

morning next, 25th October, at the field.  He had obtained wild flower seeds and these would be planted following ground

preparation in due course.  The Clerk apologised that he was otherwise committed on that morning but would go to the field

on Wednesday next and cut down as much bramble growth as possible with a brush cutter.  It was RESOLVED to refund

Cllr. Garbett with the £66.50 hr had paid for the seeds.

  1. Mining Villages Regeneration.  Cllr. Martin reported that there had been no recent meeting of  the M.V.R.Group.
  2. Iron Footbridge.  No sign of repairs to the bridge commencing by C.C.
  3. Park Stenak.  The Clerk reported that he had written to the occupiers of a property in Railway Terrace advising that the doorway that had been created in the high wooden fencing between the bottom of their rear garden and the triangle of land maintained by this Council was unacceptable and the fencing should be reinstated.  A telephoned response had indicated that the doorway is only used when heating oil deliveries are being made since drivers of oil tankers had objected to the long walk involved after having pushed the delivery pipe over the previous high fencing and then walking all the way via Park Stenak and North Hill to reach the front of the property in Railway Terrace and through to the rear garden to place the oil pipe in the receiving tank.  RESOLVED that it was reasonable that the doorway could remain but that the occupiers be requested to sign an agreement that a Right of Way is not being established by this permission, that a new agreement would have to be made with new occupants should the property be sold and that if the Parish Council ever proposes a new use for the land, the agreement will need to be reviewed.
  4. Bus Shelters. A letter had been sent to David Hall requesting that he attends to the unknown substance smeared on glass at the lower shelter but it had been noted that the mess still remains.  Cllr. Martin reported that he had not bumped into Mr. Hall recently as has happened in the past so could not find out if there is a problem,.  The Clerk to follow-up.
  5. Mills Hall.  A letter had been received from the Mills Trust seeking a donation towards the cost of repairing the rainwater guttering around the building.  RESOLVED to donate £50.

8     Museum.  Nothing to record.

9.    Village Trail Leaflets.  Nothing to record.



1.   St. Day P.C. – Draft minutes for October          For circulation

2    Gwennap P.C. – Minutes of their August and September meetings        For circulation

3.   Redruth Christmas Festival Group – Wassail on 28th November










Cheques were signed for:

£  235.45     S.W. Water                  Allotments supply

£  300.00     M.K. Herman              Footpaths strimming – second instalment

£  350.00     Willco Web Design     Website hosting and maintenance

£   66.50      G.G. Garbett                Flower seeds for Pound Field

£   50.00      Mills Trust                   Donation




Monday, 23rd November


The meeting closed at 9.25 p.m.