March 2016 Minutes

MINUTES of a meeting of CARHARRACK PARISH COUNCIL held at the Mills Hall, Carharrack, on Monday,

21st March, 2016.



Present:  Councillors

Mrs. B. Williams  (Chairman)

Miss V. Aldridge

Mrs. V. Chown

G. Garbett

Mrs. J. Gardiner

C. Martin

Clerk:      T. Reynolds

Apologies received from:   Cllr. Mrs. J. Constable;     P.C.S.O.  P. Ferris


Also present:

Cornwall Councillor M.A. Kaczmarek;    D. Dyer



Stop waiting, join the game now with online casino echtgeld auszahlung continuous luck and many victories await you! Mr. Dyer reported that, as informally agreed at the last Parish Council meeting, he had spoken to a workman who has been parking his vehicle on the grass beside the Mills Hall with a request that he stops doing so since unsightly grooves have been made by his vehicle’s tyres.  Cllr. Miss Aldridge reported that she, too, had spoken to the tradesman.  Parking there had subsequently been discontinued.

The Chairman reported that she had received a complaint from a parishioner regarding the height of fir trees surrounding the grounds of Carharrack Club in Chapel Terrace.  Being a committee member at the club, Mr. Dyer commented that some trimming of the trees had taken place in the past but that he would raise the matter at the next committee meeting so that the need for further trimming could be debated.

P.C.S.O. Paul Ferris had intended to attend this meeting but due to the illness of a colleague, he has to be on duty this evening.  He will now attempt to attend the April meeting.  The Clerk had established from the police website that there had been 4 reported crimes for Carharrack during January. There had been vehicle damage at both Wheal Damsel Road and Menakarne, the former still being under investigation and the latter recorded as investigation complete with no suspect identified.  The other crimes had involved Anti Social Behaviour at Manor Road and Church Street.

Cornwall Councillor Mark Kaczmarek reported:



Cllr. Mrs. Williams declared an interest in matters involving I.C.E.



It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the held on 22nd February are a true and accurate record of proceedings and they were duly signed by the Chairman.  Additional copies were made available for display at Carharrack Stars, Carharrack Club and the Mills Hall.



Public Clinic – Hazel Gibson’s research into local interest in/knowledge of geology

Cllr. Garbett confirmed that he had written to Hazel enquiring about how her research is progressing.  In a response, Hazel indicated that she is close to finalising the writing up of her thesis, anticipated to contain around 70,000 words, and after this has been submitted and published, would like to return to a Parish Council meeting to get feedback.  It is thought that this will be during the Summer months.  Councillors thought that such a meeting would be very interesting.



                        497     Mr. & Mrs. M. Gay, Millstones, Trevarth – Temporary consent for 3 years for a mobile home/office
                      and use of site for an equestrian business at Trevethan, Busveal

                                  CONDITIONAL APPROVAL


499     Ms. A. Muers, 5 Croft Row – Demolition  of mundic wall, replace mundic wall with a higher wall to create

first floor space in an existing rear ‘lean-to’.  New space to accommodate a first floor bather room and



NPA     Mr. S. Isaacs, Hunrosa, Tresaddern Hill, St. Day – Erection of dwelling

                                  CONDITIONAL APPROVAL

                                   RESOLVED that if there are any complaints regarding a large dormer window installed at 1 Higher
                                   Railway Terrace, complainants should be directed to the Planning Enforcement Team at Cornwall Council



As recorded in Cornwall Councillor’s report, action has been taken by C.C. Kaczmarek to have major improvements made to Footpath 29 in neighbouring Gwennap Parish.

The Clerk reported that he had sawn up and removed the large section of tree that had been reported at the last meeting as blocking Footpath 13.  The deep potholes at the Sparry Lane end of this footpath had again been reported to Gavin Henderson of Cormac Solutions with a request for early attention due to an ambulance having to regularly use this bridleway to provide transport for a patient.

Carn Marth Trust

The Clerk confirmed that an additional ‘No Public Right of Way for Vehicles’ sign had been provided for C.M.T. and the cost recovered, albeit without thanks.

Highway Matters

C.C. Kaczmarek reported that he had been involved with further correspondence regarding occupants of Railway Terrace parking their vehicles at Park Stenak and depriving residents there of parking spaces.  He had involved both Highways Department of Cornwall Council and the police.

Cllr. Martin reported that the surface of the highway at Sparry Lane between the properties Homestead and Sparry Farm is in particularly bad condition with earth exposed where there is no tarmac.  He also considered that work carried out by Cormac Solution following his report to the Clerk that a section of the ditch hedge had crumbled into the bottom of the ditch, thus creating a blockage for storm water, had not been carried out to a high standard.  C.C. Kaczmarek requested an e-mail from the Clerk covering these matters so that he could take the necessary action.

C.C. Kaczmarek left the meeting at this point, 8.25 p.m.

Litter Picking,

RESOLVED to hold a further litter picking session, commencing at 6.30 p.m., on Friday, 15th April.  Cllr. Garbett to place notices on village boards and the Clerk to obtain the appropriate equipment from Cornwall Council as well as booking a room at the Mills Hall.

Recreation Ground

The Chairman indicated that I.C.E. would be repainting the blue fencing reinstalled by Cormac Solutions today.  Thought would also be given to repairing the goalmouths of the mini football pitch as a joint venture between I,C,E. and this Council.

Carharrack News Quarterly Magazine

The Spring edition of the magazine had been printed and subsequently distributed by Councillors. It was thought that the magazine would be enhanced by more contributions from local clubs/organisations but that this is easier said than achieved.

Post Box at Church Row

The Clerk reported that the 12 weeks quoted by Royal Mail as being the maximum period of waiting for the box to be repainted had elapsed at the end of last week and he had sent yet another request for action.  A formal acknowledgement had been received but no further information.



The expected latest meeting of the Liaison Group had been cancelled at short notice and it is not known when the next meeting will take place.  Unfortunately, Christopher Cottell had not heard about the cancellation and had walked all the way to the United Downs offices.


Nothing to record.



It was considered that the wooden storage shed at the bottom end of the site had reached the end of its useful life and should be dismantled – the Chairman and Cllr. Miss Aldridge to arrange this, possibly involving plot holders.  The Clerk to obtain prices for a suitable replacement shed.  An old small shed at the top of the site is also in need of being discarded.

The Clerk reported further work on the toilet block door where the locking mechanism appears to have a broken interior spring, thus preventing it from normal shutting.  The Clerk to replace the lock.

All but one plot is now taken up and an expression of interest has been received concerning the obtaining of a plot.

ALLOTMENTS (Continued)

Vehicles are now being allowed to enter the site following the long spell of dry weather but the ban will have to be reintroduced if a long spell of wet weather returns.

Cllr. Miss Aldridge reported that she is prompting plot holder Philip Pascoe, who happens to be her next door neighbour, to make progress with the construction of raised beds he will be able to attend to from his wheelchair. Currently, the plot is not in an attractive state.


  1. Pound Footpath.  Nothing to record.
    1. Pound Field and building.  Nothing to record.
    2. Mining Villages Regeneration.  Cllr. Martin reported on the latest meeting of the M.V.R. Group held at the Mills Hall last Thursday.  The Clerk had also attended.  The group are considering whether a single contractor might be engaged to carry out tasks such as footpath cutting, verge maintenance, weed spraying, etc. on behalf of all the Parish Councils in the group at a lower rate than currently paid to separate contractors but it was RESOVED that this Council would prefer to continue to support a number of smaller operators rather than one large one.
    3. Iron Footbridge.  The Clerk reported that he had been pressing for early attention to the repairs needed to the bridge and had been assured by Cornwall Council that the matter is in hand.
    4. Park Stenak.  It was hoped that the owner of this small site can be established following an offer made by Cornwall Council  officer  attending the M.V.R. Group meeting referred to above, using mapping available to Cornwall Council.
    5. Bus Shelters.  All in order.

7.    Mills Hall.  Cllr. Miss Aldridge reported that the problems that Carharrack Players are experiencing at the hall had reached

the ears Ian Holland of the Mills Hall Trust and he had indicated that the matters would receive attention. No further action

by this Council is therefore needed.

8     Museum.  Nothing to record.

9.    Village Leaflets.  Nothing to record.



1.  C.C.P.F.A. – Spring Newsletter         For circulation

2.  Police Area Returning Officer – Notice of Election for Police and Crime Commissioner.  For notice board

3.  Clerks & Councils Direct – magazine      For circulation

4.  St. Day P.C. – Draft minutes for March meeting      For circulation

5.  Gwennap P.C. – Minutes of February meeting      For circulation



Cheques were signed for:

£1,432.32      Clerk                                 Salary and many reimbursements – details circulated

£   250.00      H.M.R.C. (via P.O. Ltd.)  Clerk’s P.A.Y.E.


Monday, 18th April


The meeting closed at 9.25 p.m.