July 2014 Minutes

MINUTES of a meeting of CARHARRACK PARISH COUNCIL held at the Mills Hall, Carharrack, on Monday 21st July, 2014.

Present: Councillors

Mrs. B. Williams (Chairman)
Mrs. V. Chown
Mrs J Constable
G. Garbett
Mrs. J. Gardiner
C. Martin

Clerk: T. Reynolds

Apologies received from: Cllr Miss V Aldridge, Redruth Neighbourhood Police Team

Also present: Cornwall Councillor  M.A. Kaczmarek, R.Dyer, P.Sharp, G.Sharp, C.Cottell, one other

Public Clinic

Stop waiting, join the game now with online casino echtgeld willkommensbonus continuous luck and many victories await you! Mr and Mrs. Sharp, from Higher Trevethan, circulated plans that have been submitted to Cornwall Council and explained the background to them wishing to demolish garages at their dwelling and replace them with a bungalow in which they intend to live. Their existing house will be sold, possibly to their son. There was an exchange of information and the Sharp’s informed that their application will be given full consideration when comments are sought by Cornwall Council.
Christopher Cottell, in his capacity of Parish Footpaths Officer and at the invitation of the Clerk, had cycled all the paths included in the invoice received from the Parish Council’s contractor and was happy to report that all were in fine order following the first cut. He raised a matter involving a resident of Croft Row who was willing to allow someone to use her garden and Carharrack Neighbourhood Watch’s opinion that a dog waste bin is required at the bottom end of Squire Lane. He also warned of an Alsatian at Hillside Terrace that had recently caused him to fall from his cycle. The police had been informed and he had been promised attention to the matter “within 6 hours”. He was, however, still waiting.

Police Support Officer Paul Ferris had delivered to the Clerk a report for the period 16th June to 21st July indicating 18 calls for police assistance and 5 crimes. This compared to 22 calls and 14 crimes during the same period last year. The crimes were Common Assault, Dog not under proper control (presumably the incident referred to by Mr. Cottell), Theft from vehicle, Misuse of Communications and Criminal damage of vehicle. He brought to the attention of this Council changes in police staffing. PC. Stuart Church has been transferred to Pool, having been replaced by PC. Mark Pearce but with a much larger area to cover; PCSO Karen Morley is now a PC, leaving him as the only PCSO covering the Mining Villages but, he, too, having to cover a wider area, including working at Camborne. Visits to Parish Council meetings would now be impossible and, he feared, monthly reports for this and other Parish Council meetings might have to be discontinued because of lack of time to prepare them.

Cornwall Councillor Mark Kaczmarek reported:

Declarations of interest

Cllr. Mrs. Williams declared an interest in matters concerning I.C.E.

Police reports

RESOLVED to write to the Police Commissioner, Tony Hogg, regarding the possible cessation of monthly police reports from the Redruth Neighbourhood Team.

Minutes of last meetings

It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 16th June were a true and accurate record of proceedings and they were duly signed by the Chairman. Additional copies were made available for display at Carharrack Stars, Carharrack Club and the Mills Hall.

Matters arising





479 Mr. & Mrs. Orriss, 25 Poldory View – Erection of white PVCu conservatory to rear of property
No objections


472 Mr. S. Cooper, Myloria, Carnmarth Cove – Provision of garage and hobby room and change of land to domestic curtilage

478 Mrs. C. Kemp, 9 Foxes Row – Erection of white PVCu conservatory

479 Mr. & Mrs. Orriss, 25, Poldory View – Erection of white PVCu conservatory to rear of property
(This was an extremely rare case of Cornwall Council approving an application without receiving the comments of this Parish Council beforehand)



473 Mr. W. Allen, Mulsanne, Trevarth Road – Erection of three dwellings and garage/workshop, including two affordable homes with associated car parking and new access road. Notification received that Mr. Allen has appealed against the refusal of his application and it will go before the Department for Communities and Local Government for determination.

Mrs. S. Chynoweth – Certificate of Lawfulness for the existing use of land for the stationing of a caravan for the purpose of independent residential accommodation at Sparry Lane
The Clerk had attempted to obtain a decision from C.C. but his telephone calls had not been responded to.

Environmental issues


Having received confirmation from Parish Footpaths Officer, Christopher Cottell, in Public Clinic that paths had been strimmed to a very good standard, it was RESOLVED to settle the interim claim for payment made by contractor, Mr. Mark Herman. Information on Japanese knotweed growing on certain paths, provided by Mr. Herman, will be passed on to Gavin Henderson, Countryside Officer.
The Clerk had contacted Mike Eastwood, Countryside Access Team Leader, regarding Footpath 5 and the response indicated that although it should be open and available to users, Cornwall Council’s Rights of Way enforcement priorities are directed to cases where there are health and safety issues or where there are planning related obstructions. Being in the Bronze category, Footpath 5 is way down the list for attention.
Cllr. Martin had reported to the Clerk an obstruction of the footpath linking Treyew Place with Brokenshires Corner by shrubs growing in an adjacent garden. The Clerk had visited the householder to request some trimming back and this had been carried out shortly afterwards

Carn Marth Trust

Fly tipping at Carn Marth had been reported by CC Kaczmarek for clearance.

Highway Matters

Since the last meeting of this Council, Cormac had authorised the repair of Sparry Lane but instead of digging out damaged areas of surface and refilling with tarmac, a mini surface dressing machine called Roadmaster had been used which spreads a layer of tar and then covers this with chippings. No attempt had been made to resolve the problem of blocked/damaged drains or investigating the water that rises through the surface of the road near Poldory Villas. In view of the dissatisfaction expressed at this meeting by Parish Councillors, CC Kaczmarek indicated that he would call for a further meeting with Viv Bidgood of Cormac.
Cllr. Mrs. Gardiner reported that she had spoken to the owner of the tree overhanging the pavement at Higher Albion Row and a satisfactory cutting back had subsequently taken place.
With regard to weeds growing in roadside kerbs, the Clerk had obtained some information from St. Day PC on their use of a local contractor who sprays weeds on their behalf at a far cheaper rate than Cormac wanted to charge. RESOLVED that the Clerk sets up an arrangement with this contractor.
CC Kaczmarek left the meeting at this point – 8.45 p.m.

Litter Picking

Nothing to record.

Recreation Ground

The Summer Fair was a great success, blessed by good weather, despite the earlier forecast. The walling had been repaired by Cormac and the gates painted by I.C.E. before the event. Councillors expressed thanks to I.C.E. for all the arrangements made.

Carharrack News Quarterly Magazine

The Summer edition had been circulated by Councillors, as normal. Unfortunately, one advert containing incorrect information appears in the magazine, the cancellation notice being received after the magazine had gone for print. There had been no additional charge by SITA for the full 650 copies printed and the Chairman had received no response to her enquiry about the situation. An article on savings when purchasing heating oil via an ‘Oil Club’ to appear in the next edition.

Carharrack Web Site

Nothing to record.

The Shute

The Clerk reported that he had mounted the engraved brass plaque at The Shute and the triangle of land had again been strimmed. E-mails of appreciation had been received from two residents of Martha Villas regarding this Council’s maintenance of The Shute.

Notice Boards

The Chairman had received a further comment on the hardness of the surface of the notice boards but the Clerk had had no difficulty in displaying notices for this meeting. Agreed to keep the situation under review..

United mines landfill site

The Chairman reported that Mike Dobson of SITA had arranged tests to establish whether a foul smell experienced by some parishioners was emanating from the United Mines Landfill Site. In his response, Mr. Dobson was confident that this was not the case. It was suggested that the smell may be coming from highway drains in Tresithney Road and Trevince Parc, most of which are totally blocked with silt. It was RESOLVED to ask CC Kaczmarek to include this matter at his planned meeting with Viv Bidgood of Cormac Solutions at nearby Sparry Lane.

Geothermal project

Nothing to record.


The Clerk reported on a number of changes of plot holders following contact with those not attending to their plots. There was just one person on the waiting list and the Clerk was to meet that person on the following morning. It was RESOLVED that a plot holder who already has two good sized plots and a smaller one between them could have one further nearby plot but that must be all. The existing plots are being well maintained and it was thought that the additional plot would be equally good.
The Clerk reported a satisfactory conclusion to his meeting with a South West Water engineer to discuss the latest invoice received for water consumption. The original bill of £355.92 had been reduced by 75% to £94.63 and it was RESOLVED to settle this account despite it still being high for consumption during Winter months.
Cllr. Mrs. Gardiner commented that a notice displaying contact details for Parish Councillors and the Clerk had faded badly in sunlight – the Clerk to arrange a replacement.

Village regeneration

  1. Pound Footpath. Nothing to record.
  2. Pound Field and building. Cllr. Garbett reported that he is preparing an article for the next edition of Carharrack News
  3. Mining Villages Regeneration. Nothing to record
  4. Iron Footbridge. The Clerk had established from the Countryside Access Team that the bridge is, in fact, listed and so a consent is required before any improvements can be carried out. The closure of the bridge to public use had therefore been extended to 6 months but it was hoped that all necessary consents are in place well before then.
  5. Park Stenak. Nothing to record.
  6. Bus Shelters. Further RESOLVED not to replace the damaged pane of glass in the Mills Hall shelter at this point in time.
  7. Mills Hall. Nothing to record.
  8. Museum.  Nothing to record.
  9. Village Leaflets.  Nothing to record.


1. Clerks & Councils Direct – magazine. For circulation
2. St. Day P.C. Draft minutes for July meetings. For circulation
3. Gwennap P.C. – Minutes of June meeting. For circulation


The Clerk reported that the Annual Return had been audited by Grant Thornton and all found to be in order.
Cllr. Martin reported that he had carried out an Internal Audit for the quarter ending 30th June, 2014, and he, too, had found all to be in order.
The Clerk had not sought an increase in salary but following background information established by Cllr. Martin, it was proposed by Cllr. Mrs. Chown and unanimously agreed that the Clerk’s salary be increased to £4,500 p.a. The Clerk expressed thanks for this unexpected adjustment.

Cheques were signed for:
£120.00 Grant Thornton Annual Audit
£500.00 M.P. Herman Parish Paths cutting
£94.63 South West Water Allotments supply

Next Meeting

Monday, 22nd September

The meeting closed at 9.35 p.m.