April 2015 Minutes

MINUTES of a meeting of CARHARRACK PARISH COUNCIL held at the Mills Hall, Carharrack, on Monday,
20th April, 2015.

Present: Councillors
Mrs. B. Williams, (Chairman)
Miss V. Aldridge
Mrs. V. Chown
Mrs. J. Constable
Mrs. J. Gardiner
G. Garbett
C. Martin

Clerk: T. Reynolds

Apologies received from:
Cornwall Councillor M.A. Kaczmarek
Also present:
R. Dyer, C. Cottell, B. Evatt, J. Pooley, R. Chown, S. Sanders

There was no Public Clinic at this meeting. All matters to receive debate had been raised at the Annual Open Parish Meeting held immediately before this meeting to be dealt with later on the agenda.
Stop waiting, join the game now with casino echtgeld bonus continuous luck and many victories await you! Despite the Clerk having provided the police with the dates of this Council’s monthly meetings for 2015 and telephoned a reminder, using the police answer phone, no report in the revised format had been received for this meeting. From the police web site, the Clerk had established that for February, there had been six crimes in Carharrack, one being a burglary at Menakarne and the other five acts of Anti Social Behaviour at Fore Street, Church Street, Wheal Damsel Road, Manor Road and Sparry Lane. There was no information available to indicate if the ASB offences were linked.
There was no monthly report from Cornwall Councillor Mark Kaczmarek, today being his wedding anniversary and this event being celebrated with his wife at a restaurant tonight.

Cllr. Mrs. Williams declared an interest in matters involving I.C.E. and Cllr. Mrs. Chown on matters involving Carharrack Football Club.

It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 23rd March are a true and accurate record of proceedings and they were duly signed by the Chairman. Additional copies were made available for display at Carharrack Stars, Carharrack Club and the Mills Hall.

Correspondence 1. The Clerk had e-mailed permission to Mrs. S. Moore to have three sycamore trees opposite her home at Pennance Road suitably trimmed and requested sight of her tree surgeon’s report she had said was available, suggesting that the mail box of Cllr. Mrs. Gardiner at Higher Albion Row could be used to save postage. Cllr. Mrs. Gardiner reported that no such report had been received. The Clerk had visited the site prior to this meeting and established that the trees have been trimmed but a quantity of loppings is still on the site. RESOLVED to ask again for a copy of the report for Council records and for all lopped branches to be removed.
Correspondence 2. This Council’s opposition to a pharmacy being opened in St. Day by Day Lewis Pharmacy had been sent and copies of other responses subsequently received by the Clerk indicated general opposition to the application.
Correspondence 5. Cllr. Mrs. Gardiner apologised that she had mislaid the Adopt a Kiosk document received from BT and had only just commenced enquiries regarding the Carharrack telephone box at Higher Albion Row. She had needed the telephone number for the box but found that this could not be established from inside the box, the number no longer being legible. The Clerk indicated that he had the number on record and would pass it on to Cllr. Mrs. Gardiner so that her enquiries could continue.

Neighbourhood Watch signs. With only flimsy corrugated plastic signs now being available, it was considered a waste of public money to purchase the two signs being requested by Carharrack Neighbourhood Watch. PCSO Ferris had confirmed that he was unable to arrange the free provision of the signs and they would cost £10 each. The Chairman indicated that she would follow up the provision of a heavier duty plastic signs from a source she was aware of, being careful that no copyright is infringed, and reporting back at the next meeting.
White line remarking at the junction of Fore Street and United Road. The Clerk to contact Viv. Bidgood of Cormac Solutions to establish if it is at all possible to have the current broken lines at this junction replaced by solid lines and a stop sign to improve safety at a junction where motorists shoot it through at rather too fast a speed.
Partly obscured ‘Children’s Playground’ signs near the Recreation Ground. When speaking to Mr. Bidgood regarding the Fore Street/United Road junction, the Clerk to establish if the existing signs, which are often hidden by parked vehicles, could be moved to a more conspicuous position, thus increasing safety. It was also thought that Carharrack News could be utilised to

draw attention to the need for greater driver awareness near the Recreation Ground, with St. Day & Carharrack Community School being invited to submit poster designs for inclusion in a future issue of the parish magazine.
Cllr. Mrs. Constable left the meeting at this point, 8.12 p.m.
Carharrack Association Football Club. It was recalled that in September, 2013, a letter had been sent to the football club indicating that their request for a sum of £1,000 to be ring fenced in connection with the £13,500 they have to raise in order to attract grant funding from various bodies had been agreed, payment depending on their scheme being approved. RESOLVED to repeat this offer.

486 Mr. C. Gladwell, Glenhurst, Trevethan – Erection of summerhouse
Councillors raised no objections to this application but without an indication for the reason within the planning details, queried why the summerhouse needs to be built within a hedgerow. It is considered that conditions need to be imposed restricting enjoyment of the summerhouse to the occupants of Glenhurst and that it must not become a separate building of occupation.

475 Mr. R. Evans, 1 Albion Row – Construction of single bedroom dwelling
The applicant’s appeal against refusal has not yet been considered by an inspector.

Nothing to record.
Carn Marth Trust
Cllr. Garbett reported that the working party carrying out improvements at Carn Marth on Sunday, 29th March had included only committee members from CMT, no other volunteers turning up.
The Clerk reported that he is still in negotiation with C.C. regarding the provision of signage indicating that there is no public right of way for vehicles to access Carn Marth. A promised decision by the date of this meeting had not materialised.
Highway Matters
The Clerk reported that pot hole filling on the road linking Pound Cross and Vogue had been carried out by Cormac Solutions but almost right away one had reappeared and was deep enough to cause damage to a vehicle. St. Day PC had noticed this pothole and reported it, being informed that it would be repaired by a “hot box team in the short term.”
Litter Picking
Cllr. Garbett reported that response to his posters inviting parishioners to involve themselves in a litter pick on Sunday morning, 29th March had been extremely poor, only one person , plus Cllrs Mrs. Gardiner and Martin attending. It was suggested that another session be arranged for Friday evening, 19th June, between 7.00 and 8.00 p.m. to see if this brings forth a better response. The Clerk to arrange the supply of picking sticks, tabards and bags from Cormac Solutions.
Recreation Ground
Cllr. Mrs. Chown commented that the playing field is looking splendid and being well used by children.
Carharrack News Quarterly Magazine
Discussion took place on the responsibility for advertisements for events not being out of date by the time that they appear in print, some feeling that this is an editorial task and others that the advertiser should take into account the notified date of circulation of the next edition when submitting an advertisement.

Cllrs. Martin and Mrs. Williams had attended the latest meeting of the United Mines Liaison Group and gave a summary of what was described as a useful meeting with representation from various bodies in attendance. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 8th September and a trip to St. Dennis to gain an update on the incinerator project is also being arranged.

Nothing further to record.

It was considered that with quite a few plots having all sorts of waste materials on them it might be appropriate to hire a skip for a while and encourage plot holders to deposit their waste in it. The Clerk to investigate prices.
It was reported that the plot holder with bamboo canes growing on his plot had not made good progress in his promised removal of this invasive plant and should therefore be given a fixed time for the complete removal to have taken place. He should also be informed that his shed had suffered from extreme wind damage and was no longer on its base. A date of 31st May, 2015, was considered appropriate, the plot to be taken away in the event of a failure to comply.
The Clerk had yet to obtain and fit a replacement toilet door due to other commitments.
Cllr. Miss Aldridge had purchased replacement items for the toilet block amounting to £9.99 and it was RESOLVED to reimburse her for this expenditure.

1. Pound Footpath. Nothing to record.
2. Pound Field and building. Cllr. Miss Aldridge congratulated those Councillors who had involved themselves in the second
session of bramble cutting at the Pound Field, considering that it now looks very good. Cllr. Garbett proposed the planting
of wild flower seeds and was authorised to purchase these within a range of £40 to £80. The Clerk reported that he had
burnt the various piles of cut brambles in a corner of the field.
3. Mining Villages Regeneration. There had been no recent meeting of the M.V.R. Group
4. Iron Footbridge. It was noted that no work has yet commenced on repairing the footbridge and that there is still no suitable barrier to prevent public access to the bridge despite many notifications from this Council of inadequate fencing.
5. Park Stenak. Nothing to record.
6. Bus Shelters. Weeds growing again in he guttering of the lower shelter – the Clerk to action.
7. Mills Hall. Nothing to record.
8 Museum. Nothing to record.
9. Village Trail Leaflets. It was noted that there is a large supply of leaflets still in store at the Mills Hall. Mr. Dyer took
some for display at Carharrack Club.

1. St. Day P.C. – Draft minutes for April meeting For circulation

It was suggested that it might be interesting if the minutes of the very first meeting of the Council in May, 1985, appears in the next edition of Carharrack News – the Clerk to follow-up. Cllr. Miss Aldridge volunteered to bake a cake for eating at the next meeting and Cllr. Garbett undertook to take photographs on the evening.

No cheques were required for signing at this meeting.

Monday, 18th May

The meeting closed at 9.30 p.m.